Northern California Seattle Study Club Program doctors21 years ago, the Seattle Study Club was formed to promote lifelong learning. Its mission is to cultivate excellence in comprehensive dentistry. Today, the club network has over 250 affiliated clubs worldwide with a combined membership of 6,700 dentists. Sacramento Surgical Arts’ Dr. Jagdev Heir has introduced the Sacramento chapter of the Seattle Study Club as the Northern California Seattle Study Club Program. 

The Seattle Study Club is often referred to as a “university without walls”. The program involves lectures by internationally renowned dentists who want to share their knowledge. In addition to lectures, club members participate in demonstrations, problem-solving workshops, panels, and treatment planning sessions. Topics have included, for example, minimally invasive grafts to the gums and human papillomavirus (HPV).

Dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals have a chance to meet, compare their experiences, and collectively improve their treatment through peer-based learning. They also have an opportunity to socialize; food and drink are offered at every session. Sessions run from mid-September to mid-May.

Seattle Study Club Goals

The Seattle Study Club has six goals for its members to achieve. These goals are:

  1. Using interdisciplinary treatment plans as a foundation of comprehensive care for patients wherever the Seattle Study Club has chapters. Countries involved include the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Taiwan.
  2. Upholding ongoing peer-based learning as the most efficient way for dentists to further their understanding of both basic and advanced techniques and technologies. More in-depth knowledge will allow them to treat more complex cases and improve their overall planning process.
  3. Professional commitment on the part of members to become “complete clinicians.” This term means marrying the science and the art of dentistry to deliver the highest possible quality of care to patients. As such, the program offers sessions on both technique (the art) and technical knowledge (the science).
  4. Fostering enthusiasm and passion in dentistry for their profession, and cultivating a real understanding of how dentistry improves patient health and beauty.
  5. Creating professional camaraderie and the sharing of knowledge and support between dentists across the world.
  6. Learning in a “university without walls”. In the Seattle Study Club, clinicians have ready access to leading dental scholars and authorities in a variety of fields and specializations. This access comes from meetings, articles, and cases published in the Seattle Study Club Journal, web sessions, and lectures and workshops at the yearly Seattle Study Club National Symposium.

Sacramento Surgical Arts’ Dr. Jagdev Heir has brought this excellent program to Sacramento and the rest of northern California. He says, “In the end, the information and knowledge shared by dental professionals in these meetings will elevate the level of quality dental care we can provide to patients here in Sacramento.” Professionals benefit — and so do the patients!

Join The Seattle Study Club Program Today

If you are a dentist who lives in the area of one of the Seattle Study Club’s satellites, don’t miss an opportunity to improve your craft! International experts on a panoply of dental topics, ranging from surgical procedures to orthodontic implements to periodontal work, are sharing their knowledge with members every year. The Seattle Study Club network wants to share the immeasurable benefits of knowledge with dentists and their patients everywhere. Seize the day and help yourself help your patients with their comprehensive dental needs. 

For dentists in the Northern California region and Sacramento area interested in joining the Seattle Study Club program, contact Dr. Jagdev Heir at Sacramento Surgical Arts, which also offers plastic surgery, injectables, and other cosmetic procedures, can be contacted online or at 866.930.5837. The first step to improving your knowledge of dentistry and level of care is just an email or phone call away.