Pain Management

Advice for Post-Operative Pain Management

Here at Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC, we use advanced techniques and anesthesia to help you undergo your surgical procedures with little to no discomfort, both during and after the operation. Unfortunately, everyone experiences pain in a different way. This means that even if everything goes well, you may still feel pain and need post-operative pain management.

We advise you on a number of different pain management options, including:

•  Analgesics: This common type of pain relief is most appropriate for when you are experiencing mild discomfort. This includes medication like aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and opioids.
•  Anesthetics: Anesthetics can be administered in three different ways–injection, topically, and orally. Topical and oral anesthetics are more common, but depending on the surgical procedure, we may use an injection.
•  Sedatives: Sedatives can help a patient relax during a procedure, effectively avoiding pain. They may be used in combination with other pain-controlling medications. One common sedative is Nitrous oxide, often referred to as "laughing gas." If you are undergoing conscious sedation, the sedative will be administered while you are awake. Deep sedation (or general anesthesia) is a state of unconsciousness that is carefully controlled by your physician and anesthesiologist.

We would be happy to offer you advice on how to alleviate pain which affects many parts of your mouth or face. Our Sacramento oral and cosmetic surgery doctors use different methods to control pain, depending on your individual needs.

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For Your Safety, we ask that you openly share your complete medical history before an operation, including any allergies and medications currently being taken. Pain controlling medications used in oral surgery have the potential to interact and cause unexpected complications. Also remember to follow your oral surgeon's instructions on dosage for medications.

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