man holding his single tooth replacement forcepsHave you ever had a missing tooth that you wished you could replace? If so, you’re in luck because a single tooth replacement in Sacramento, California, or dental implant surgery, might be what you need to build your smile and confidence. At Sacramento Surgical Arts, we perform cosmetic surgeries, including dental implants. The only question you might have now is if implants at the oral surgery center in Sacramento, California is right for you.

What is Tooth Replacement Surgery?

It’s important for you to know what to expect from dental implant surgery in Sacramento. In short, it’s a specific type of procedure that involves replacing missing teeth with metal posts into the gum. The screw-like anchors act as the base to which the dentist attaches artificial teeth.

Typically, dental implants perform better than other alternatives, such as dentures. The reason is that the posts and tooth replacement act more like natural teeth that connect to the jawbone. In some cases, dentists attach dentures onto these posts to create a stronger and more natural bond. Unfortunately, implant surgery requires multiple procedures before you can experience the full benefits. However, many people favor implants for the solid support that they provide.

Is Tooth Replacement Right for You?

Deciding if implants are the right tooth replacement for you isn’t too difficult. In general, they’re ideal if you meet certain conditions, such as:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Adequate bone structure to support implants
  • No health problems that might prevent your jawbone from healing properly
  • Healthy gum tissue
  • Jawbone has reached full growth

This type of surgery costs a bit more than simple dentures. If you don’t want to wear dentures or simply can’t wear them, dental implants are a good solution. Of course, you must have time to undergo the process. You can expect, after undergoing the procedure, the healing process to take several months.

Risks Involved with Tooth Replacement

As with most surgeries, there’s some risk involved with getting tooth replacement implants. Seeking out this type of treatment in Sacramento, California, is safe. Also, your dentist is trained to deal with most of the risks that might arise.

Since the surgery involves drilling into the jawbone, there’s always the chance for structural damage. For that reason, you need a proper bone structure to undergo this type of surgery. Also, infection is possible, and the risk of infection is greater if you smoke.

Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery

Preparing for dental implant surgery doesn’t require too much preparation on your part. However, it’s always a good idea to meet the oral and cosmetic dentist or surgeon in California beforehand.

Typically, you’ll have a consultation before the actual tooth replacement surgery. During this time, the surgeon will review your medical history and may take x-rays. The purpose is to ensure that you’re a good candidate for the surgery.

During the preparations, your surgeon will also talk to you about a treatment plan. Following your treatment plan can accelerate your recovery. In addition, you’ll choose if you want removable or fixed teeth.

Sacramento Surgical Arts for Dental Implant Surgery

Are you in need of dental implants and don’t want to wear dentures? If so, contact Sacramento Surgical Arts to find out more about our dental implant services. We work closely with you to ensure that you can count on our services. Beyond implants, we offer several other Sacramento cosmetic surgery services, including:

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