What Is Pre Prosthetic Surgery?

What is pre prosthetic surgery or pre prosthetic oral surgeryPre prosthetic surgery is an oral and maxillofacial procedure to prepare your mouth before your dentist places a prosthesis such as a complete or partial denture. Your denture will sit on the jawbone ridge. Depending on when and how the teeth were removed or if you have any abnormal bony growth called ‘Tuberosities’ or ‘Exostosis’, the jaw bones can be reshaped so that when the dentures are placed they are more retentive and comfortable.

What Are Pre Prosthetic Oral Surgery Procedures?

The following oral surgery procedures may need to be completed in order for your denture or partial denture to fit well within your mouth:

  • Reshaping gingival or gum tissue.
  • Reshaping bone in the upper or lower jaw.
  • Adding bone by bone grafting (see bone graft section).
  • Adding tissue through tissue grafting.
  • Increasing the depth of the vestibule (the gutter area of the mouth between the teeth and the cheeks).

Your Sacramento oral surgeon will determine the appropriate procedure during your evaluation.

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