Do you need an emergency tooth extraction? Usually, this isn’t something most people want to think about. However, when the situation arises, Sacramento Surgical Arts is your go-to oral surgeon. Here’s what you need to know.

Cases That Necessitate an Emergency Tooth Extraction

woman holds her mouth open as dentist performs an emergency tooth extraction

You’d visit our Sacramento, CA emergency dentist when a tooth’s beyond repair. One of the most common emergencies has to do with oral trauma. Maybe you’re playing sports, and a ball or bat hits your mouth. It breaks off or fractures a tooth.

The pain’s severe. There’s a good chance that you won’t be able to save this tooth. This is mainly the case when the fracture goes all the way to the gum line. An emergency tooth extraction is the only way to end the pain and prevent infection.

In some cases, the emergency tooth extraction Sacramento locals need has to do with periodontal disease. You’ve been self-medicating for the pain. Finally, you visited your dentist. This expert notes that infections have resulted in dental abscesses.

Because it’s not possible to save the tooth, you receive a referral. Here, the emergency aspect is the infection that continues until the tooth’s removal. It’s essential to get to it as soon as possible. Moreover, dealing with the tooth and infection will end the pain.

Why Work with an Oral Surgeon

Only a limited number of dentists perform an emergency tooth extraction. That’s because the procedure typically involves general sedation. Moreover, when there’s the possibility of having to repair gum tissue, an oral surgeon is your go-to expert. After successful surgery, you may receive a referral back to your dentist for ongoing oral healthcare.

Other Services the Oral Surgeon Offers

An emergency tooth extraction Sacramento can count on is only one service Sacramento Surgical Arts provides to patients. Others include:

Sacramento Surgical Arts doesn’t just focus its practice on oral healthcare. It also provides assistance with cosmetic surgery. Examples include:

What to Expect After Your Surgery

Because the tooth had so much damage that it required surgical extraction, there’s a different post-care protocol in place. Sacramento Surgical Arts specialists ensure that you know how to treat the area. Moreover, they provide you with prescriptions for pain relief as needed. Since you likely underwent anesthesia, the team will ask you to bring along a driver to take you home.

Even though you’ll probably feel fine, it’s essential to have this third party help you get home. Besides that, the specialist will suggest that you rest for the next day. To prevent injury to the extraction site, eat soft foods, and avoid chewing on the affected side. Most importantly, keep your follow-up appointment to re-check the area.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Connect with Sacramento Surgical Arts to schedule your emergency tooth extraction. Caring specialists will ensure that the doctors will see you as soon as possible. We also gladly answer all of your questions regarding insurance. Reach out to the Sacramento Surgical Arts team today by dialing 866.930.5837 now.