woman holding coffee thinking why should I consider facial trauma treatment and surgery

Why Should I Consider Facial Trauma Treatment After Injury?

If you’ve sustained injuries to the face, you might be wondering “Why should I consider facial trauma treatment?” Accidents and injuries to the face, neck and oral cavity often prove to disfigure when left to heal without the assistance of some level of facial trauma surgery. Traumatic injuries to bones and tissues leave obvious and…

womans eyes surgery for drooping eyelids

Surgery for Drooping Eyelids Can Take Years Off Your Appearance

Surgery for drooping eyelids, or blepharoplasty, removes excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids. It also reduces the undereye “bags” many people develop as part of the natural aging process. There are a number of reasons people undergo eyelid surgery. Some people undergo the procedure for the treatment of drooping eyelids strictly for cosmetic…

what is a chemical peel treatment

What is a Chemical Peel? The Secret to Glowing Skin

If you’ve invested in hundreds of skincare products but are still dissatisfied with the quality of your skin, you can achieve glowing skin not with your products, but with a chemical peel. What is a chemical peel treatment? A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure that uses a chemical solution to “peel” of the surface…

Man experiencing the pain of when do your wisdom teeth come in

When Do Your Wisdom Teeth Come In?

Children typically have a full set of baby teeth before they begin attending their first day of kindergarten. After children lose their baby teeth, adult teeth begin to grow in their place and stay for decades to come. However, some teeth, commonly known as wisdom teeth, generally do not come in until some individuals reach…

patient lays in chair as dental helper and an oral surgeon in sacramento are working

Oral Surgeon Sacramento

Going to the dentist regularly is an important part of maintaining your healthiest and most attractive smile. But sometimes tooth pain, jaw soreness, or other oral health problems require specialized care. In many of these cases, your oral surgeon Sacramento provides services your regular dentist cannot. Through advanced education, training, and experience, your oral surgeon…