doctor examining woman answering her question can rhinoplasty fix sinus problems

Can Rhinoplasty Fix Sinus Problems? Understanding How and Why

Rhinoplasty surgery, or a nose job, corrects or alters the shape of the nose.  While rhinoplasty is most often cosmetic, it can also have medical benefits. Rhinoplasty affects both the inside and outside of the nose, which means it can alter the airway and sinuses. By altering the structure of your nose, including the nostrils,…

placid woman being injected wondering what is radiesse dermal filler

What Is Radiesse?

Natural volume loss is the greatest contributor to facial aging. As people grow older, bone density decreases. In addition, existing collagen break downs and the body produces less collagen naturally. Collagen loss combined with aging leaves you looking tired and haggard. If you’re looking for a solution and wondering, “What is Radiesse?” rest assured that…