man using tips for after oral and cosmetic surgery

Surgical Procedure Instructions After Oral & Cosmetic Surgery

After oral and cosmetic surgery, you may be excited to see the results. However, after any oral surgery procedure, including cosmetic surgery procedures, your body needs time to heal and recover. During that time, you’ll need to apply the best level of aftercare possible. At Sacramento Surgical Arts, we’ll provide you with very specific steps…

woman wondering can you benefit from sleep apnea treatment

Can You Benefit from Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Getting enough sleep is essential for good health. However, this is almost impossible to achieve for people dealing with sleep apnea. This condition isn’t just limited to having trouble falling asleep. It is also characterized by the inability to breathe properly for a short period and then waking up before you start to breathe again. Children,…

woman who has had latisse eyelash treatment

Why Look Into Latisse Eyelash Treatment?

The Latisse eyelash treatment helps treat patients who have inadequate eyelashes. It focuses mainly on patients with short eyelashes and a desire to have longer ones. It has a bimatoprost component that makes the eyelashes more noticeable as it enables them to grow longer, thicker, and darker.  The treatment acts in a similar way to…

woman who is keeping skin clear during a pandemic

How To Keep Mask-Covered Skin Clear During A Pandemic

As of now, most people are wearing face masks and using hand sanitizers frequently. These measures are crucial to reducing the spread of COVID-19 but become problematic for keeping skin clear, as it can become dry and damaged. Some facilities in California offer skincare services and help your skin be as healthy as possible. However,…

common types of oral surgery

Most Common Types of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery isn’t always the result of a dental emergency, but dental emergencies often require oral surgery if left untreated. A dental emergency involves an injury, infection, or other ailments that require immediate dental treatment. It often involves severe pain. The initial stage of a dental emergency does not always bring pain. But the pain…