Tissue Grafting for Oral Prosthetic Preparation

woman with her husband smiling after tissue grafting procedure thanks to a gum tissue graftTissue grafting is a surgical process that gets your mouth ready for prosthetics. A gum tissue graft cuts down your treatment time while delivering great-looking results. A successful procedure at Sacramento Surgical Arts lays down a solid foundation for a natural-looking, beautiful smile.

About Tissue Grafting

Tissue grafting is a cosmetic surgery procedure in CA that sources your own tissue for placement where you need it. For an oral graft, we stitch a piece of tissue into your mouth. Sometimes, this is to cover the exposed roots of your teeth. In other cases, it builds up your gum bed so it is ready for tooth replacement. Your oral surgeon may complete any of these pre-prosthetic oral surgery procedures, including:

  • Reshaping gingival or gum tissue
  • Upper or lower jaw reshaping
  • Adding bone through dental bone grafting in CA
  • Tissue grafting
  • Increasing the depth of the vestibule

Types of Gum Tissue Grafting

The most common gum tissue grafting procedures we offer include free gingival graft, connective tissue graft, and pedicle graft

In a free gingival graft, your surgeon will source a patch of tissue from your palate and secure it on your gums. This will grow into the surrounding tissue. It thickens the gums where your implants will go.

A connective tissue graft is a typical remedy to exposed dental roots. Your surgeon cuts away a flap from the roof of your mouth. Then, they sourc the tissue beneath it and stitches it in place.

If you have sufficient gum tissue, you may get a pedicle graft instead. To cover exposed roots, your surgeon cuts a flap from the gum next to the tooth and then stitches it around the root.

If you need complete tooth replacement, ask about our California all-on-4 dental implants concept. With just four implants, we can secure a natural-looking full-arch prosthesis.

Alternatives to Gum Tissue Grafting

The surgical pinhole procedure is one newly developed alternative to full gum tissue grafting. This method does not require a skin flap. Instead, the surgeon makes a small hole in your gums, which allows the repositioning of your tissue. The pinhole technique cuts down on your healing period.

Scaling and root planing is another alternative. These methods remove bacteria below your gum and root lines. The newly cleaned gums are healthier and heal more fully.

Another alternative procedure is called gum contouring. The physician uses a laser to shape your gum line for a healthier and better-looking smile.

Our oral surgery team will discuss the gum tissue graft options that will work best for you. It mainly depends upon whether we are making a prosthetic preparation or have another purpose in mind.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

When the day of your oral surgery arrives, you may be apprehensive. It helps to know what will take place before, during, and after your tissue grafting procedure.

Before your appointment, you will typically consult with your oral surgeon. You will learn about the basics of the procedure and can ask questions.

We recommend you do the following before your surgery:

  • Avoid food or drink for at least eight hours prior to your appointment
  • Do not smoke for 12 hours before your appointment
  • Bring an adult along to drive you home after your surgery
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses, jewelry, and makeup
  • Provide us with a list of the medications you take
  • Reschedule if you are ill on the day of your surgery

During the procedure, you will receive either local anesthetic, nitrous oxide sedation or general intravenous sedation. Once you return home, be sure to:

  • Avoid the graft site when brushing and flossing your teeth
  • Take the medication we prescribe to prevent infection
  • Eat soft, cool, or cold foods
  • Avoid smoking while your mouth heals

Side Effects

As with any surgery, there is a risk of infection at the tissue grafting graft site. If you see unusual redness, swelling or experience sharp pain after a few days, contact us right away. Other side effects of this procedure are minimal.

Contact Sacramento Surgical Arts

If your dentist refers you to an oral surgery clinic, contact Sacramento Surgical Arts for gum tissue grafting by calling 866.930.5837. We can provide further information and schedule your gum tissue graft appointment. We specialize in pain-free surgery and quicker recovery. By working with you one-on-one, we help to ensure stellar results.