Trauma, piercings, and ear gauges can all take a toll on your earlobes. Stretched or torn earlobes can affect your self-esteem, and might even lead to more frequent infections or hearing problems. If yours have become damaged, don’t just cover them up. Consider earlobe repair from Sacramento Surgical Arts instead.

Do I Need Earlobe Repair?woman shows off her new earring after getting earlobe repair

We often see people who once had gauges and later decided to have them removed. This left them with large holes in their earlobes that unfortunately will never grow back together without ear surgery in Sacramento.

Sometimes people require split earlobe repair because they have been in an accident or had an earring tear part of a lobe. Still others have had anomalies from birth and needed to wait until reaching a certain age before having the problem fixed.

Maybe you have misaligned earlobes or have one lobe that is bigger than the other. If so, we can perform earlobe repair to fix these cosmetic issues as well.

Reasons to Consider Ear Surgery

Many of our patients desire split earlobe repair because they are embarrassed by the way their ears look. Some will avoid going out in public, and others will insist on wearing hats or letting their hair grow. Worrying about what others think can certainly take a toll on your personal and professional life, and is the leading reason why people consider cosmetic surgery procedures.

Having otoplasty will improve your self-esteem; however, there are other reasons to consider it as well. For example, earlobes with splits or large holes in them leave space for bacteria to gather. As such, you could be more susceptible to ear infections. Jagged ears might also get caught on your clothing. This leaves you at a greater risk for a serious ear injury down the road.

Your earlobes play an important role in your hearing. If they are torn or have an unusual shape, you might not hear as well as you once did. In many cases, earlobe repair might help you regain some of that hearing back.

How is Earlobe Repair Performed?

Your surgery begins with local anesthesia, which numbs only the ear(s) and side of the face. A surgeon will then begin reshaping your earlobe into its desired shape. For splits or tears, the wounds may need to be stitched back together.

Each surgery is unique and customized especially for you. Therefore, the exact techniques used will differ from one patient to the next. During your initial consultation, we will gladly explain the technique as well as the type of results you can expect.

Earlobe procedures do vary, but we nonetheless perform most of them in under an hour. We normally allow around 20 minutes or so per ear, along with a few minutes for prepping and bandaging up your ear. You can return home immediately after surgery, but will likely have restrictions placed on your activities.

Our Other Services

In addition to split earlobe repair, we offer a number of other procedures that may improve how you look and feel. A few you will find available at our Sacramento office include:

We are also a dental surgery center that can take care of things such as wisdom teeth extraction and facial trauma surgery. With highly-experienced surgeons on staff, you can trust us for your oral health as well as your plastic surgery needs.

Bothered by Unsightly Ears? We have the Solution

Don’t let stretched out, misshapen ears cause you to avoid going around other people. By visiting Sacramento Surgical Arts, we can easily perform earlobe repair so you can get on with your life again. Give us a call today at [Direct} to schedule a consultation and find out if otoplasty is right for you.