Chin surgery involves a surgical procedure that reshapes the chin. This can be done either by enhancement with an implant, surgery on the bone (chin osteotomy), or other surgical augmentations. The chin is a prominent facial feature; therefore, making the desired corrections can positively impact your appearance. If you are in the Sacramento, California, area and are considering chin surgery, we invite you to Sacramento Surgical Arts for a consultation at our cosmetic surgery center. Contact our office by calling 866.930.5837 to get information about surgical availability.

About Chin Surgery

chin surgeryIf you feel like the size of your chin is disproportionate to your other facial features, this can be corrected with surgery. At Sacramento Surgical Arts, we understand how aging can lead to the loss of chin projection and other concerns. We also know how to correct them. Our surgeons have the experience and skill necessary to correct your chin by making structural changes to improve your appearance. Chin surgery may be combined with liposuction or facelift or with facial liposuction.

The two main types of chin surgery we offer at Sacramento Surgical Arts include:

  • Chin osteotomy
  • Chin reduction

Your plastic surgeon will be able to give you advice on the following procedures at your consultation:

Chin Osteotomy

Chin osteotomy is a type of facial cosmetic surgery. It involves making structural adjustments to the bone of the chin. Your cosmetic surgeon can shorten, lengthen or make other corrections to the chin during this procedure. A chin osteotomy can improve facial proportionality and even improve your profile. It is also be used to correct birth defects and fractures due to acute injuries.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin reduction surgery is performed to create a more appealing contour of the lower portion of the face. It improves appearance by reducing the size of the chin. If you feel that your chin is too prominent or large, chin reduction surgery can solve the problem. Like in a chin osteotomy, your plastic surgeon may remove part of the bone of the chin as they reshape and remove the excess bone. This helps to sculpt and contour the face.

Chin Augmentation: Additional Procedures

The size and shape of the chin can magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose. For this reason, a Sacramento plastic surgeon may recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery. This will help the surgeon achieve facial proportion. Chin surgery helps provide a harmonious balance in your facial features. Your plastic surgeon may also recommend liposuction or skin wrinkle-reducing injections following the chin augmentation surgery. In addition to chin augmentation surgery, we offer an array of cosmetic surgery options at Sacramento Surgical Arts, including:

  • Facelifts
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy tuck surgery

How Long Does it Take to Heal from Chin Surgery?

Swelling and bruising are normal for about two weeks after your chin surgery. Your chin will be sore for a few weeks after the surgery. Mild to moderate bruising is normal. Some patients experience numbness for a few months post-surgery, but this is unlikely. Although people close to you may notice that your appearance has improved overall, they should not be able to recognize that you had a cosmetic surgery procedure. Our goal is to make sure that the completed look is natural. During your consultation, you will discuss your goals and concerns with your plastic surgeon. Together you will come up with a surgical plan that meets your needs.

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