Cheek Augmentation & Cheek Reduction Procedures

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woman receiving cheek augmentation surgeryIf you want to improve the appearance of your midface contours, you may benefit from cheek augmentation surgery. Although the underlying bony framework determines the shape of our face, this may not be as pronounced in some individuals and require facial implants to accentuate the areas which are lacking. Other individuals may have over pronounced facial structures or cheeks which feel too large and desire cheek reduction surgery. There are a number of different types of techniques available. Our Sacramento cosmetic surgery team at Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC will determine which one is most appropriate after a careful examination. We will also take into account your personal preferences and make sure that your expectations are realistic.

There are two main types of cheek surgery to help you:

  • Cheek augmentation
  • Cheek reduction

How Is Cheek Surgery Performed?

Here at Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC, we perform both types of cheek surgery from inside the mouth, so that you can enjoy the enhancement of your appearance without any visible scars. We may use cheek implants, or perform fat grafting to emphasize your cheeks for a more attractive facial shape. Alternatively, cheek reduction helps to correct your facial balance which is disrupted by over-prominent cheek bones. You can achieve the look you want.

Cosmetic Surgery In Sacramento

Whether you are looking to increase or decrease the size of your cheeks, our trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons would be happy to provide you with a consultation to discuss the treatment that will be most appropriate to achieve your ideal look. We want to ensure that you have a realistic goal before you undergo cosmetic surgery. Overall, our team will be here to answer any questions you may have.

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