Distraction Osteogenesis in Sacramento

Treating Facial and Oral Deformities

If you suffer from any type of oral or facial deformity, you may be a candidate for distraction osteogenesis. Thanks to advances in technology, our doctors at Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC use this treatment to correct and repair defects and deformities in the oral and facial region. In most cases, patients with these types of conditions benefit greatly from this type of treatment. Our goal is to provide you with the least complex, most comfortable form of treatment that can offer the most effective correction.

Distraction osteogenesis can be used to correct issues including:

  • Congenital jaw deformities
  • Obstruction of the airways
  • Speech impairments
  • Oral function impairments
  • Skeletal facial deformities
  • Cleft palate and cleft lip
  • Jaw deformities

This treatment is performed within the mouth and does not require any surgical incisions, so no scars will be left behind. There is also no age limit for patients who need this type of procedure. Additionally, throughout the years, there have been new methods of distraction osteogenesis which have been developed that aid in dental implant placement without the need for bone grafting. You can rely on us to answer any questions you may have when you come into our office.

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At Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC, we extensive experience serving the community and have four convenient locations in Sacramento. When you come into our office complaining of one of a specific issue, we will likely recommend some type of oral surgery like distraction osteogenesis to correct it. We will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for this form of treatment during your initial appointment. If you would like more information about distraction osteogenesis, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation!

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