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Forehead Lift Cosmetic Surgery

At Sacramento Surgical Arts, PC, we have years of experience, extensive training, and have earned a reputation for providing excellent services to clients throughout the Sacramento area. One of our specialties is the endoscopic brow lift, which is a very common type of cosmetic surgery. The reason for this is that the forehead and brow area show the natural signs of aging before almost any other part of the body. Drooping eyebrows and heavy forehead can give you the appearance that you are angry, tired, or even depressed, when you are not intending to portray these feelings. If you are feeling self-conscious about your appearance because of issues relating to your forehead, a brow lift may provide you with a boost in self-confidence.

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Relieve Common Problems Fast

If the brow has begun to sag and is causing a hooding in the upper eyelid, it can create an elevation of the eyebrows, which then leads to lines on the forehead. Continuous frowning can also lead to deep creases between the eyebrows and sagging skin at the corners of the eyes. In a brow lift, we reposition the brow to seem more natural, opening up the eyes and making you appear much less tired and much more vibrant.

A brow lift can be used to correct the following issues:

  • A drooping brow
  • A heavy brow
  • Sagging skin
  • Deep forehead lines
  • Forehead furrows
  • Crow's feet
  • Frown lines

Our skilled Sacramento cosmetic surgeons recognize that the position of the brow may be slightly different in every person; therefore, we take the time to evaluate you on an individual basis. We would like to suggest a confidential consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, and if so, which surgical approach will fit your unique facial structure and meet your ideal outcome.

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