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Treating Every Patient With Respect & Professionalism

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    When patients come to see us, we ensure they experience the most comfortable visit possible, which is why we treat every patient with respect and compassion. Because every individual is different, we provide customized treatment to meet the unique goals of every patient we see. Patients who visit us are offered a private, on-site surgical suite with anesthesia administered by our certified specialists.

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  • Benefits of Working With Us

    For more than 15 years, our doctors have been performing exceptional oral and plastic surgery procedures for patients throughout Sacramento. As board certified surgeons, our doctors have truly demonstrated their expertise in the field. Whether the patient is seeking oral or plastic surgery, we always focus on patient education, individualized care, compassion, and maximum comfort to fit his or her specific needs.

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  • Safe & Comfortable Environment

    At all four of our state of the art surgical centers, we utilize only the most technologically advanced equipment, so that our patients receive the highest level of treatment possible. For the convenience of our patients, each one of our offices is in an easily accessible location. At each one of our offices, visitors can expect to walk into a welcoming environment, where they will be greeted by our professional and friendly staff. We also know that sometimes, emergencies arise, and we offer same day treatment for these types of situations.

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